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Business Insider just recently posted an article entitled “A Rare Look inside the Monte Carlo Casino, The World’s Most Spectacular Gambling Den.”  I found it rather interesting and you may too.

The article, which was rather a collection of 25 different pictures, is an insider's look into the Monte Carlo Casino with a few interesting facts and introductions to boot. The pictures reveal ornate casino rooms, restaurants, lobbies and bars. The décor is more reminiscent of the Roaring 20’s than of a world still in existence today. Perhaps it is still a world untouched as it has been run by the Monaco government and the ruling family, the Grimald’s since the 1800s.

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, featured in multiple “James Bond” movies, is a place where cameras are strictly prohibited but just until recently, Eric Gaillard, a Reuter’s photographer gained access to the casino for three days to tell the tale. There are many interesting facts and stories surrounding the casino and its development but today is one of the world’s grandest casino destinations. Most rooms are accessible to the public but some are reserved only for known high-rollers while interestingly enough, the casino itself it not accessible to the citizens of Monaco.

The casino is located in a tiny providence in the French Riviera and is the pride of Monte Carlo, the main source of revenue to the small state. Interestingly, the reason for the casinos inauguration, back in 1863, was an effort conceived to save Monaco’s House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. The architecture is done in the “Belle Époque” style and is enough to set the most indifferent, staring wide-eyed into an uncharted world known only by a select number of people.

The doors of the casino open at 2 p.m. and the valets escort people driving up in Ferraris, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces. Inside, the casino is as grand, dressed in Beaux Arts architecture inspired by novelist Ian Fleming’s casino in his first Bond novel, “Casino Royale.” Everywhere the eye looks from floor to ceiling is a work of art with the entire edifice filled with lavish paintings, sculptures, and golden accents.

After 8 p.m., men in the casino must wear a sports jacket in the private gaming rooms where plaques worth up to $274,380 are laid out on tables. Stacks of cards are kept in a special stock room that is kept at 20°C “like fine, vintage wines.” The Casino de Monte Carlo offers all the same games as in any other European and American casino from roulette to blackjack to craps, poker and slots. Special tapestry, woodworkers and specialists in tapestry and embroidery maintain the gambling tables and long-standing employees have been serving clients for years.

On the more morbid side of all that pomp and prestige is a room called “the morgue” a small room where the parking valets sit when things are slow which was said to be the place “to hold the bodies of desperate gamblers, who lost their fortune and immediately killed themselves with a pistol shot, while still seated at the gaming tables.”

As depressing as a major financial loss can be for some, remember that every man’s loss is another man’s gain. The Monte Carlo Casino provides for the people of Monaco, the casino means no taxes for its citizens and social needs are resolved without them. Although it’s more likely that the foreign tourists will pass over the coffer, there is always the exception to the rule. For now, however, it seems that Monaco is ahead of the game. Visit our online casino guide section to play slot machines for free!

Good Girls, Bad Girls slot – it’s all so much fun, by the time playtime is over, you won’t really care who judges you. Of course, it’s really whether you win or lose that is the crux of the issue is it not when playing slots? Still, Good Girl Bad Girl slot brings the whole gammet of morality and immorality to the forefront with its apparent split-screen dichotomy of what it really means to win and the hell it is to lose.

However, in this particular slot you may actually be able to buy a few stairs to heaven (in a sense) by choosing to play in your own preferred mode. If you think getting to the prize is had by being naughty or nice is up to you. Then, for the indecisive types, we have Both Ways mode. What is Both Ways Mode? Both Ways Mode is the noncommittal way to go but offers its own unique set of ways to manipulate the reels you may prefer.

In Good Mode, every angel plays right with payline wins occurring the typical way – from left to right. For those who enjoy a bit of deviation to their games, play in Bad Mode and make payline wins from right to left. If you read in Hebrew then it won’t seem strange, but then isn't it all a bit strange? There are other features that make good and bad, bad and good - read the paytable for further explanations.
Feel a bit more like you are in heaven or hell? Change the slot symbols according to the kind of world that excites, repels or interests you the most. Win with either devilish pitchforks and other hellish symbols or play safe in good mood and surround yourself with golden harps and halos. Win in click-me games in all 3 modes because who can resist instant picks and wins?

Of these two different game plays, whether you are on your way to heaven or hell (or somewhere stuck in between) both of your sexy companions ushering you into either mode have no reservations about tempting you to one side or another with their bodacious bodies. All is sexy persuasion in Good Girl Bad Girl slot, but then, hey, we all know don’t we that it was the woman who was the temptress. Right. It may all seem poetic, plausible, or perhaps ridiculous or maybe all three, but regardless, it’s a slot worth checking out.

For all those who enjoy 3D slots entertainment and provocative ways to win, Good Girls Bad Girls slot offers all the longed-for slot features along with a gamble and free spin games. The reels hang in the balance and now it's time to click "Spin" so good luck wherever life or death takes you!

Okay, LiveCasinoDirect reckons, if this doesn’t become the single-most successful online slot game of all-time, there simply is no justice. Then again, impatient gamers who’ve waited over five months for the title have got to wonder if this slot will ever see the light of day.

The virtual one-armed bandit in question is South Park, based on simply one of the most brilliant TV shows to ever hit the American airwaves. A scathing blend of sharp up-to-the-minute satire and – let’s face it – potty humor propelled this series into the headlines back when it debuted in 1997 (holy @#@$#@, this thing’s been running for 15 seasons already?) and has kept it in the forefront of pop culture since thanks to the continued genius of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Best of all for online casino game fans, the Net Entertainment version combines all the awesomeness of the South Park TV show with proper slot properties and action, i.e. a top jackpot payout of 1.25 million coins, multi-reel expanding wilds (naturally, as these are represented by the “big-boned” Eric Cartman), a special symbol which randomly turns other icons wild (courtesy Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo) and four video bonus rounds. 

Said bonus rounds star Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny in milieus for which has carved his own niche: Cartman hunts for hippies, Kyle kicks the *#^@^$*^ baby and Kenny tries to survive. Seriously, what the ***&@^&*# else can we say? Just check out this preview recently posted to YouTube. If you’re not laughing by the time the intro bit is concluded, you might want to check yourself for a pulse.

The only problem? No one seems to be sure exactly when the &^@*^&&@#^$ thing will debut at Net Entertainment-powered online casinos. Company representatives unveiled (or perhaps unleashed) a version of the slot at an international casino gaming trade show back in February of this year, but since then, nothing. 

The YouTube posting does give us hope that we’ll be seeing the South Park slot soon, but from the bottom of our hearts here at LiveCasinoDirect, we’d like to ask those nice folks at Net Entertainment, to, well, hurry the *(#@(&*# up already!


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