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Okay, LiveCasinoDirect reckons, if this doesn’t become the single-most successful online slot game of all-time, there simply is no justice. Then again, impatient gamers who’ve waited over five months for the title have got to wonder if this slot will ever see the light of day.

The virtual one-armed bandit in question is South Park, based on simply one of the most brilliant TV shows to ever hit the American airwaves. A scathing blend of sharp up-to-the-minute satire and – let’s face it – potty humor propelled this series into the headlines back when it debuted in 1997 (holy @#@$#@, this thing’s been running for 15 seasons already?) and has kept it in the forefront of pop culture since thanks to the continued genius of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Best of all for online casino game fans, the Net Entertainment version combines all the awesomeness of the South Park TV show with proper slot properties and action, i.e. a top jackpot payout of 1.25 million coins, multi-reel expanding wilds (naturally, as these are represented by the “big-boned” Eric Cartman), a special symbol which randomly turns other icons wild (courtesy Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo) and four video bonus rounds. 

Said bonus rounds star Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny in milieus for which has carved his own niche: Cartman hunts for hippies, Kyle kicks the *#^@^$*^ baby and Kenny tries to survive. Seriously, what the ***&@^&*# else can we say? Just check out this preview recently posted to YouTube. If you’re not laughing by the time the intro bit is concluded, you might want to check yourself for a pulse.

The only problem? No one seems to be sure exactly when the &^@*^&&@#^$ thing will debut at Net Entertainment-powered online casinos. Company representatives unveiled (or perhaps unleashed) a version of the slot at an international casino gaming trade show back in February of this year, but since then, nothing. 

The YouTube posting does give us hope that we’ll be seeing the South Park slot soon, but from the bottom of our hearts here at LiveCasinoDirect, we’d like to ask those nice folks at Net Entertainment, to, well, hurry the *(#@(&*# up already!

With shoddy economies still extant in many corners of the world, central governments’ interest in collecting on citizens’ disposable income is hardly surprising – in fact, the disinterest and/or reluctance in regulating online casino entertainment is become more and more questionable as success stories continue to hit the news wire.

In Denmark, the national government is enjoying a recent uptick in sports betting and online casino revenue, according to industry news specialists Online Casino Reports. First-quarter results showed a 30% increase to gross gaming revenues earned by online gaming outlets year-on-year and the internet gambling argument is expected to surpass €1 billion for 2013.

Meanwhile, Holland’s finance ministry is expected to roll out new tax infrastructure for calendar year 2015, including a flat 20% rate on online gambling revenues. While this figure reportedly would put the Netherlands near the priciest in Europe, the rate is noticeably lower than the 29% levied on land-based casinos and sportsbooks.

The new rate is designed to attract foreign-based online casino gaming providers and, as a notable side effect of the regulatory framework, Facebook will no longer allow internet gambling-related ads to appear on Netherlands-based users’ pages.

Finally, there’s the US. In the big country, its online gambling industry long kept stifled by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, is starting to open up to the possibility state by state. First in line to decriminalize will be New Jersey with governor Chris Christie signing a new law into passage in February; at this month’s East Coast Gaming Congress, experts predicted an influx of up to $600 million annually could be put into state coffers within a few years.

Since Phil Ivey played his way to the top of the poker world, headlines concerning his legal battles have overtaken anything regarding his strategic prowess at the card table. Tell you what, though: You have to love the latest Ivey-centered story to hit the news cycle, as it combines the best of both worlds. 

Ivey filed a lawsuit in a UK court against Genting Group in order to finally receive some £7.8 million ($11.9 million) in winnings he’d accrued at Crockfords casino in London at the baccarat tables there in August 2012 – but representation for Genting claims Ivey cheated to win the money.

According to Yahoo news, Genting alleges that, together with an accomplice, Ivey first discovered that some of the cards used at the casino’s baccarat tables bore an asymmetrical design. Said accomplice than requested that dealer arrange the cards a certain way so as to reveal which cards in the deck were 7s, 8s and 9s – the key draws in a hand of baccarat.

“The staff was not suspicious,” notes Yahoo, “because the accomplice who spoke Cantonese with the dealers acted like she was superstitious and just changing the way the cards lay for good luck, court papers say.”

OK. But. LiveCasinoDirect must ask: Was this in fact cheating?

It seems to us that the provider of any service in gambling, entertainment or otherwise, is to be held responsible for the quality of resources/materials used in providing that service, are they not? Shouldn’t an enterprise which moves millions of pounds sterling at the flip of a card ensure that these cards are designed correctly? And if the so-called “scam” involved the dealer repeatedly fulfilling an odd request, shouldn’t he and/or the employee training practices at Crockfords be called into question? Perhaps the playing-card manufacturer or dealer should be sued by Genting…

Boy, the house sure gets angry when beaten, eh...?




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